Thursday, April 30, 2015

#30DaysofScootering - Day 30 - Hello OLAF, Goodbye McNugget

Last fall I backed the OLAF scooter on Kickstarter. Yesterday, my OLAF Urban arrived.

It's a backpack kick scooter combination. Folded up, it's easy to carry.

Viewed from the front, it looks like an ordinary backpack.

 You can also use it as a wheeled trolley.

The pack has nice reflective bits.

The scooter steers by leaning. It has a little friction fender brake on the back.

The backpack can either be left on the platform while scootering or worn as a backpack.

The pack is really nicely designed. It's got lots of reflective bits, good construction and a nicely padded internal laptop sleeve.

The handle can also be folded down to make the OLAF into a skateboard. I suck at skateboarding.

The handle can extend to three different heights. I prefer the middle setting, but the OLAF should work well for folks both small and tall.


I also have to report some sad news today. McNugget the Rooster, a long time Issaquah resident who I've mentioned here various times, was killed Tuesday night by an escaped dog. Details of the tragedy can be read here.

Swifty and I scootered over to McNugget's place today. Various friends of McNugget have set up a memorial there.

The memorial sums it up, McNugget was loved.

2.41 miles of scootering today, so the month closes out with a grand total of 165.87 miles.

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