Sunday, April 05, 2015

#30DaysofScootering - Day 5 - Along the Issaquah Creek

It was a bright morning in Issaquah and I didn't have to be at work until noon. I scootered south for a bit, sticking close to the Issaquah Creek.

Unfortunately, one pretty section is now a private park.

Not being in the mood to mess with The Man, I turned around and headed elsewhere.

The trees are in bloom over at the ball field by the elementary school. Actually, the trees are in bloom all over town.

This is some nice, city-owned property. The town grew up around this creek but there are still many spots like this that still are wild and green.

This is an active salmon stream (the hatchery is about 1/2 mile upstream).

In early October, the creek is filled with returning salmon.

I worked at the bike shop in the afternoon, then scootered the long way home so I could check out more of the trees in bloom.

4.16 miles of scootering today, bringing the month's total to 21.59 miles.
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