Wednesday, April 22, 2015

#30DaysofScootering - Day 22 - Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, but it's also Wednesday, the day I work in Seattle. I took the 554 bus from Issaquah to downtown Seattle and then scootered along Westlake to Lake Union.

The morning is a mix of sun and clouds and the forecast says we could have showers today.

The sun seems to be winning as I roll across the Fremont Bridge.

I spot this ominous Earth Day reminder on a bike rack in Fremont.

One of the things I love about getting around on by walking, biking or scootering is that I travel at a pace where I can notice the small things. This bee is busy doing her bit to make this a beautiful world.

I'm paying attention to flowers this morning, and other beautiful small things that catch my eye.

This jay was kind of camera shy.

When I got to work, my first task was unboxing and checking out this Juiced Riders ODK E-Bike. It's a pretty nice machine, good power, lots of carrying capacity and a variety of battery configurations offering extended range.

My pal and fellow mechanic Donald recently got this hat. It's a combination that sounds odd, lightweight wool with synthetic mesh side panels.

Donald tells me the hat is made right here in Seattle and the fellow who makes them works at our old shop, Bike Works, in the Columbia City neighborhood.

Sun wins the day and it's t-shirt weather by the time I leave work and scoot back towards downtown at 5:00 PM.

Here's a sophisticated, precision engineered vehicle. In the background is a Tesla.

Actually as cars go, those Teslas are better than most. But I prefer getting around on two feet or two wheels.

Here's an iconic Seattle view, the Space Needle and more darn stuff being built downtown.

Seattle is still a town where they line up to see Kurt Cobain. These folks are waiting to see a documentary about his life.

12.60 miles of scootering this Earth Day, bringing the month's total to 129.17 miles.

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