Sunday, April 12, 2015

#30DaysofScootering - Day 12 - Sunday Morning Scoot

I always have mixed feelings when I see an old bike used as decoration. On the one hand, cool bike art. On the other hand, it's a shame to see a bike that's no longer rolling.

I scooter across the Issaquah Creek.

Every Sunday there is some sort of a car show at the Triple X Drive In. Today, the theme is military vehicles.

I scooter over to Front Street.

This is the big mural on the side of the DairyGold Creamery. Early Sunday morning is one of the few times traffic is light enough on Front Street to get a decent picture of it.

McNugget the rooster has lived next to the espresso stand for over a decade. He's a local celebrity.

I scooter back across the creek. Going pretty much anywhere in town involves a few creek crossings.

There's some funky fungus growing on this tree alongside the trail.

One of the reasons I like to scoot is that the pace allows me to look closely and notice little things.

So much of Issaquah is in bloom right now.

Spring is the time when the trees are not shy at all.

2.90 miles of scootering today, bringing the month total to 60.14 miles.
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