Saturday, April 18, 2015

#30DaysofScootering - Day 18 - Morning Scoot, Evening Scoot

Another beautiful spring day dawned in Issaquah, so I rolled out the door for a bit of scootering.

Issaquah has a fine network of wide sidewalks that serve as multi-use trails.

It's still a bit cool this morning, so I take a break at the Issaquah Coffee Company to enjoy a hot beverage and thirty pages of a really terrific novel.

After the coffee stop, I scoot over to one of my favorite spots along the shores of the Issaquah Creek.

I linger by the creek for a while but eventually I have to head off for work.

The weather is still lovely when I get off work, so I take the long way home, stopping here and there where I find things of interest.

This squirrel found something to munch on.

The squirrel finds his snacks on the ground. I head over to Trader Joe's to pick up my snacks.

I meander a bit on the way home from Trader Joe's.

7.20 miles of scootering for the day, bringing the month's total to 99.30 miles.

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