Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#30DaysofScootering - Day 21 - Slugs and Singletrack

The forecast calls for rain later in the day, so I decide to get out for an early morning scoot.

Tiger Mountain is basically my back yard so all I have to do is scoot a few blocks and I'm in a place where the land isn't measured in blocks anymore.

The rooty trail is steep and I walk my scooter up the mountain.

Things level out up here on the Tradition Plateau.

This is the view west, back towards town.

This is a small access road that goes by the power substation.

This is prime slug country.

Tradition Lake is pretty low for this time of year. We had zero snow in Issaquah this year and very little snow up at the passes. I hear William Shatner wants to pipe our water to California. That's not going to happen.

I scoot up to the HighPoint Trailhead.

Most of the trails are off limits to bikes. I figure The Man would count my scooter as a bike, so I stick to the access roads and trails that either lack restrictive signage or that explicitly OK bikes.

The rolling trail under the powerlines is open to everybody.

The trail up to PooPoo Point is a hiking only trail, but the trail down to the high  school is clear for biking.

This trail branches off from the High School Trail

It's some very nice singletrack and the grade is just right for scootering.

I had to stop for this very nice slug.

This slug is about twice the size of the slug I saw earlier.


This snail is staying packed tight until I decide to move on.

The single track gets bigger and loops around behind the school.

I'm back at a junction with the High School Trail.

Back in the world of pavement, I roll on toward home.

7.02 miles of scootering today, bringing the month's total to 116.57 miles.

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