Saturday, April 25, 2015

#30DaysofScootering - Day 25 - Scootering in Salmon Country

I got out for a quick scoot this evening after work. I rolled through the grounds of the Salmon Hatchery

I rolled south to one of my favorite creek crossings in the Sycamore neighborhood.

I connect up with a gravel trail that takes me a little ways up Squak Mountain.

The view of Tiger Mountain is pretty nice from here.

I roll back down to the Hatchery.

My friend Madi noticed this creative bit of sign editing the other day. I had nothing to do with this, but I appreciate the rebellious sentiment. 

The chinook fry are tiny, but you can see them dimpling the surface of the water.

The bench in front of the library celebrates the salmon.

On the Front Street side of the library, a raven reads some ancient volume of forgotten lore.

4.36 miles of scootering today, bringing the total for the month to 142.34 miles.

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