Thursday, April 09, 2015

#30DaysofScootering - Day 9 - The Path Less Scootered By

It's a beautiful, warm spring day in Issaquah. I decided to go up to the Issaquah Highlands. The climb up to the higher country always makes me pause, it's an effort to gain elevation and I wind up walking and pushing the scooter on some of the steeper climbs, but I always find something worthwhile up there and the swooping descent back down to the valley is quite fun.

That's Swedish Hospital up on the hill.

The trail switchbacks up to the Issaqauh Plateau.

All this land is probably going to get built up soon. That's Lake Sammamish in the background. 

I turn on Black Nugget Road.

I find this trail head, which is new to me.

The sign doesn't prohibit scooters, let's see where the trail goes.

Scooter singletrack!

A nice little bridge over a nice little creek.

I walk if it's too steep or muddy, but I'm able to scoot on quite a bit of the trail.

Another little bridge.

Trillium. It's looks like some critter has been snacking on it.

It kind of looks like I'm deep in the forest here.

But we pop out in suburbia.

It's high up suburbia with great views, however.

Issaquah has a quite extensive network of trails.

This is an amazing, swoopy paved trail. The pictures don't do it justice. The local kids have a blast skateboarding down this.

The trail has all kinds of fun dips and turns.

Crossing over the creek once again.


The trail empties out into another housing subdivision.

The white bridge is a bike/pedestrian crossing over Highlands Drive.

The final slalom home.

6.79 miles of scootering today, bringing the month total to 49.89 miles.
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