Thursday, April 24, 2014

#30DaysofScootering: Wild Scootering on Squak Mountain

There was a fair bit of wind and rain today in Issaquah, but I took advantage of a break in the gloom to get out for a few miles of scootering this afternoon. The earlier rough weather has knocked a bunch of the blossoms from the trees.

These pink blossoms are pretty and pretty darn slippery.

Even though my KickPed doesn't have a kickstand, I've figured out that my Fix It Sticks work great as an impromptu stand.

The blossoms tend to stick to everything.

 I scooter past the old Gilman Town Hall.

And roll by some more signs of spring.

I want to check out a section of the creek upstream from the hatchery where the city recently removed an old dam.

This little overlook is just a bit south of Newport Way.

This angle shows the Newport Way Bridge in the background. This is still very close to downtown Issaquah.

I follow the dirt road upstream. With my KickPed's wide tires, I can actually scoot on a road like this. It's not fast scooting, mind you, but I'm rolling.

The road leads to a gravel trail. The creek here has been restored to its more original, free flowing state.

This is the view looking back downstream.

And this is the view looking upstream.

I follow the Squak Mountain Access Trail as it gets smaller and more rugged.

The trail climbs up the mountain.

In places I'm walking, using my scooter more as a hiking staff than anything.

I pop out at a nice sidewalk trail. I could continue hiking up the mountain, but it's clouding up again and I should head for home.

Here's the view from the northwest flank of Squak Mountain, looking west to Tiger Mountain.

I follow this asphalt trail down the mountain to downtown Issaquah and home.

3.04 miles of scootering today, bringing my April total to 212.59 miles.


Littleviews said...

Stunning! I hope to get my video article up this weekend on Washington DC during cherry blossom season. (A dentist and an antibiotic derailed my productivity.)

Jake Dean said...

Kent, I've found a new scooter for you!

bdavis76 said...

Fix It it!