Monday, April 28, 2014

#30DaysofScootering: The Gift of What You Notice More

I set off this morning to get a few extra scooter miles in before work. I've concluded that while I like the rhythm of scootering, the balance and flow of it as I hit the right timing of kicking and coasting, the best thing for me is the pace of travel. On the scooter I go fast enough to increase my range, I scoot farther than I'd be prone to walk, yet I'm still at a pace where I notice things. On the scooter stopping never seems to interrupt the flow, the stops are part of the flow. Dar Williams has a lovely phrase in her song The Blessings where she speaks of "the gift of what you notice more." The scooter brings blessings to me but each day when I roll out I'm never quite sure what they'll be.

It's a beautiful morning as I scoot along Gilman Boulevard.

I stop at Trader Joe's to get more of my favorite snacks. Thanks to my scootering, walking and biking, I count all these snacks as fuel.

I stop by the Maple Street pond.

Quiet moments like these are definitely blessings.

I roll towards home on the shaded trail.

This new family can tell I'm no threat. They're perfectly happy to be one more blessing, one of the gifts I have the time to notice more.

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