Monday, April 14, 2014

#30DaysofScootering: Scootering in Sunshine

Another beautiful spring day Issaquah, which means it will be a busy day at the bike shop, but I do manage to get a few extra scooter miles in this morning, taking a longer, definitely not direct, route to work.

The thing in the foreground is art. The thing behind it is history. The mountain behind that is geography.

You can't swing a dead fish without hitting some public art in Issaquah. This is a bench in front of the library.

And this is a bench beside the library. Issaquah really likes art you can sit on.


I scooter on down to the Issaquah Creek. I don't actually scooter on the stony shore, but this is a nice walking and thinking spot. In the fall, it's a great spot to watch the salmon as they jump up past this little bit of whitewater.

There are some great old trees in Confluence Park.

This little stone bench is ideally shaped to be a scooter support.

It's a bright, beautiful day in Issaquah.

But it's time for me to loop back to work.

3.55 miles of scootering today, bringing my April total to 131.45 miles.
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