Friday, April 25, 2014

#30DaysofScootering: Birds and a Bunny

After a full day of work (and my usual 1.08 miles of scooter commuting) I set out from home in quest of a little snack, a bit of exercise and, frankly, some pictures for today's blog entry. A big part of the #30DaysofScootering isn't the scootering, it's the blogging! So I literally roll off into the sunset.

This community garden has a terrific gate.

These two ducks waddle off the path as I scooter on by.

At the little pond on Maple Street I see this family of geese. They decide I don't look trustworthy and head for the water.

They put some distance between themselves and me.

But my camera lens can zoom in a bit. I pick up my snack from Trader Joe's (a couple of bananas, a half gallon of coconut milk and some ginger snaps, in case you're curious) and then roll off towards home.

 The sun is setting behind Cougar Mountain.

The sunset colors the clouds over the Plateau.

I scooter along Gilman Boulevard and then follow the Rainier Trail home.

This little guy is waiting in my front yard. Usually the rabbits bounce away before I can get my camera out.

My phone GPS tells me tonight's scoot is 3.92 miles which added to my commute gives me exactly 5 miles for the day, bringing my April total to 217.59 miles of scootering.
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