Saturday, April 05, 2014

#30DaysofScootering: A Couple of Extra Miles Before Work

The forecast called for rain, but the morning was still dry, so I scootered a couple of extra miles before going to work. And, of course, I took some pictures.

This is where Rainier Boulevard intersects diagonally with Front & Dogwood Streets.

This structure in the new Confluence Park echos the lines of the old barn that was here back when this was farm land.

These are the plots for the new community garden.

Here's another of Issaquah's many little alleys.

This is the bridge on Juniper Street over the Issaquah Creek.

More signs of spring.

This old cedar is on the path by the school administration buildings.

The bridge on Dogwood Street crossing the Issaquah Creek.

One of my favorite bits of traffic calming, the speed humps on First Avenue Northwest.

2.75 miles of scootering today bringing the total for April to 61.23 miles.

Here's a bonus for you. My friend Bob sent me a link to this 16 minute video from the New York Times with the subject line: Thought you might like this.

I certainly did like it and I think folks who find my little scooter posts interesting might enjoy this as well. It's called Slomo and here it is:

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