Thursday, April 17, 2014

#30DaysofScootering: Another Damp Day

It's rained all day, so today's scooter trip was a short one. I rode a couple of miles through the alleys, quiet streets and trails near my home in downtown Issaquah. Many of the trees are in bloom and in places the blossoms are beginning to blanket the ground.

This weathered shed, old wood, and twisted tree caught my attention today.

I scooter over by the high school. Tiger Mountain is shrouded in mist.

I turned onto the trail that will lead me home. Like many of the trails here, this was an old rail line.

Another of Issaquah's many signs explaining the history of the area.

These bits of an old foundation have shifted with time and the moss is slowly eating them away.

Only 2.54 miles today, bringing my April total to 142.07 miles.

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