Sunday, April 27, 2014

#30DaysofScootering: Sunday Morning Scootering

This morning brought a bit of sun, a bunch of clouds, some wind and the threat of rain. I figured my best bet for good scooter riding was to get out early, before my afternoon shift at the bike shop. I've been playing around more with my camera's timer and my mini tripod.

I'm dressed for rain. My Rivendell MUSA pants (AKA "the best damn pants I've ever owned") dry in a flash if they do get wet. They look pretty normal, have super deep pockets and reflective tape at the ankles. OK, aside from the reflective tape, they look pretty normal.

It usually takes me a few passes to get the timing right so I actually show up in these shots.

Here I am blazing down the trail. I'm usually not in any danger of exceeding the posted speed limit.

See the shadows and the clouds? Very mixed weather this morning.

I roll and walk along some of the trails in Sammamish State Park.

It's good rainbow weather.

Right after I took this shot, it started raining.

This bridge over the Issaquah Creek was pretty rain slicked.

Looking out on Lake Sammamish.

A goose swam by as I took this shot of the Issaquah Creek

More birds of prey. The park is home to various eagles and hawks.

Note the clearing skies.

A bit further on, it's back to cloudy weather.

It's raining again by the time I get home and pouring when I scooter off to work.

8.57 miles of scootering today, bringing my April total to 229.98 miles.


Littleviews said...

We had a rainbow on Saturday, too, under the same gray-sky conditions. Wonder if we (east coast) sent it your way, or if you sent it our way.

Anonymous said...

hey, it's nice to see the action shots with a human on the scooter! It adds a more dynamic dimension to the narrative.

I've taken to slinging my daypack on my handlebars, and my water bottle on my stem mounted holder. I wish there was more space for luggage on a scooter like there is on a bike.