Friday, April 18, 2014

#30DaysofScootering: The Birds of Lake Sammamish State Park

Friday is the start of my work week, but it was a nice morning so I got a few miles of scootering in before I rolled off to the bike shop. The wind and rain from the past couple of days has blanketed some of the sidewalks with blossoms but there is still plenty of color left on the trees.

The flags across the state are flying at half staff this week in memory of the victims of the Oso mudslide.

The blossoms by the depot are still hanging on.

I scooter north toward the state park.

This broad, flat trail is the ideal surface for scootering.

Sammamish State Park is nesting area for many birds.

I roll up to the boat launch area.

A woman taking pictures with her iPhone tells me this eagle pair has been here the past three mornings.

Here's a closer look at those eagles.

As usual, there are plenty of ducks about.

As I roll back toward home, I spot a heron in the marshlands beside the trail.

6.87 miles of scootering this morning, plus my usual 1.08 miles of back and forth to work and lunch. So my day total winds up at 7.95 miles, bringing my April total to 150.02 miles.

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