Tuesday, April 24, 2012

#30DaysofBiking: Undercrossings

The letter for today is "U" and I chose Undercrossings for the theme of this morning's ride. Some of the big multi-lane roads in Issaquah, like I-90 and Highlands Drive, have nice undercrossings for cyclists and pedestrians.

This one, which goes under NW Sammamish Road, is underwater for part of the year.

This isn't an undercrossing, but I haven't mentioned it before. It's the big Bike-Ped bridge over I-90 at the west edge of town.

6 miles this morning.

Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah WA USA


Anonymous said...

Excellent! I thought for sure that you were going to go with "unpadded" as in shorts!

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for 'unicycle'

Anonymous said...


The DC