Tuesday, April 03, 2012

#30DaysofBiking: Creamy Cone Cruise

I Couldn't Coax Christine from her Coziness for an early evening Creamy Cone Cruise, but today was Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's, so off I rode. The Issaquah Ben & Jerry's is in the Highlands, on High Street, so you can probably guess which direction it is from our place. The Cone was worth the Climb.

This Cow was very Cheerful about her job.

Cherry Garcia, the Cone of Champions.

I always looks suspicious when I'm getting my picture taken, even when I'm the one taking the picture.

Note the rainbow and the little kid's Strider bike.

Another 4 miles added to today's total.

Keep 'em rolling,

Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah WA USA

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