Thursday, June 17, 2010

Helena Pit Stop

I'm eating soup & getting ready to head back out on the trail. It was a nippy night at the old Empire mine site where I camped last night. Christine was right, I fell asleep listening to the sound of rain on the tarp.

This morning's climb up Priest Pass wasn't really epic, it's an easy pass by Tour Divide standards, but the trail was still muddy from the rain and the wind and snow flurries gave things a bit of an epic feel.

I had a massive tailwind for the roll into Helena and parked the bike in front of the Park Avenue Bakery. I guess I was cold, I had a bit of a time getting my fingers unclenched out of my gloves. After a latte and a munchie bar, I felt better. I left messages on Christine and Mark's phones and then hiked across the street to a place called Base Camp, where I bought a sleeping bag liner and some long johns. It's colder this year than usual for this time of year on the Divide.

It's also wetter and muddier. I'd brought spare brake pads (I swapped in my first set yesterday AM at Ovando) but for extra insurance I went over to Great Divide Cyclery and got a couple more pairs of pads. I thanked them again for saving my trip 5 years ago and used their phone to call in my race update.

Now I'm back at the bakery, finishing my soup and updating you all. Thanks so much for your support. This is a slow year for the trail, but I am having a wonderful time, moving as fast as a turtle can. And I'm taking lots of pictures.

I'll continue to hasten slowly southward, rolling when I can, walking when I must. It's a wonderful adventure.

Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Helena MT


Unknown said...

Hey Kent,

I am the tall,bald, 60ish guy who bought his first offroad (a blue cobia) this april, and has been into the shop various times getting odds and ends. You served me on many occasions without my realizing you were famous. I finally figured it out, despite your modesty, because of the ISS Press piece. You lucky dog! This trip sounds very tempting to me... the trip of a lifetime...who knows....a guy can dream. I have done several hundred mile runs, but this is a horse of a different color, as the saying goes. I will be following your progress with great interest. Keep the shiny side up!

ghd3 said...

Keep 'em rolling! Great update, Kent -- keep up the great progress. Fun to hear about the southward movement.

Anonymous said...

Peter sent the link and from RI we are following along. Best of luck and stay safe. Russ & Claudia

David said...

Hi Kent:

Thanks for the update and your interesting and humorous call-ins. Your enthusiasm and positive outlook on the race are inspiring and entertaining. As Garrison would say, be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

"I'll continue to hasten slowly southward, rolling when I can, walking when I must. It's a wonderful adventure."


Small Adventures said...

Roll on,Kent! We're all pullin hard for ya =D


Anonymous said...

Cheering you on!
Your mailcarrier