Monday, June 28, 2010


I got to share the Great Divide route with a wide range of creatures these past few weeks. Cows were to be found darn near everywhere which makes sense since the roads we were on were not built for cyclists. By far most of these roads exist because of mining, logging or ranching. Here's a typical scene with the cows looking at me going "Really? You're really coming this way?" And then as I'd get close they'd scoot out of the way.

Near Lima Montana I saw this large bull. I'd feel a bit nervous rolling right up to a big fella like this guy, so I was glad he was behind a fence.

The west is also home to a lot of beautiful horses. These guys ran along side more for a ways, enjoying the morning at least as much as I was.

Sheep fell into two categories: curious and timid. These were some of the curious ones.

The llamas south of Boulder WY just watched me roll by on my way to the Basin.

There were lots of bugs enroute as well. The mosquitoes and flies weren't very photogenic and at times were annoying, but I had to tell my friend Mark about the pretty, crap-eating butterflies of Montana.

Deer sightings were a daily occurance. Unlike the couple of bears I'd seen in Canada (black bears, not grizzlies), the deer weren't camera shy. This one walked right through my campsite one evening.

As I was leaving Montana, this fat badger watched calmly as I rolled by.

A couple of small snakes also crossed my path.

On my last day of riding/walking/coasting I did get a great shot of this little horned lizard, one of the few creatures that thrives in the great Basin.

And though most of them were too quick for the camera. I did see dozens of antelope. Here is the best shot I got, a second before this fella ran over the rise and into the great wide open.

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