Monday, June 07, 2010

Introduce yourself

Hi. I'm Mark Canizaro.

You may recognize me, i've appeared as a subject in a few blog posts in the past.

I'm a former co-worker of Kent's and i have had to pleasure to share many miles pedaling with him. (I'm in the blue wool jersey in the departure photos).

I am a 4,000 mile a year cyclist (about 50% of that urban riding). For the record, that's about 1/3 what Kent rides. I have been car-free for over 12 years and a daily bicycle commuter for 37 years (since first grade!). Although i'm certainly not a Divide Racer, i do have dreams of long, long, long bike trips.

Along with Christine, i'll be posting updates to this blog about Kent's progress while he's gone. I will have occasional contact with him and if he gets the chance to postal mail me the SD cards from his camera, i'll post plenty of fascinating photos. I'm also a serious data geek, and that's one of the reasons Kent asked me to do this so i'll try to post some geeky numbers as the ride progresses.

Kent is a very generous guy and a great riding partner and i'm pretty thrilled to be his temporary voice this month.

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Small Adventures said...

I hope he's enjoying himself so far!

Looking forward to reading your words,my friend +)