Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Race Status (wednesday mid-day)

The race has divided up into three main groups.

The first group in the middle of Colorado; three racers spread out over about 60 miles, led by race founder Matthew Lee. There is some great drama going on for the main race leader and despite the extreme conditions this year, this group is only a few hours off the course record.

The second group is about 120 miles (a day or more) behind the leaders. This is slightly more than a dozen racers in small groups, some alone, spread out over 300 miles straddling the WY - CO border.

The third group is 100 miles behind them -- 8 racers spread out over about 120 miles. Kent is at the back of this group. He's riding solid and feels good. He's a veteran and he knows the course, knows the physical and mental challenges involved.

There are three stragglers well behind this pack.

About 50% of the racers who started have left the race.
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