Sunday, June 27, 2010

Race Update

Matthew Lee is still on a screaming fast pace, he's well past the fire detour and survived a bike theft at a McDonalds (by tracking his bike with the SPOT tracker!). He's about 250 miles from Mexico. There's a couple of riders 50 miles behind him, including Erik Lobeck, despite all the mecanicals, and then the Brit, Aiden Haring, on a single speed, 150 miles further back. There's a couple of riders 75 miles behind him right on the CO-WY border.

The main pack, such as it is, is 75 miles behind them and contains about 10 riders over about 150 miles of southern Colorado mountains. About 175 miles behind them is a cluster of half a dozen rider spread out over 75 miles or so and Patrick Tsai is pushing on through southern Wyoming, about 100 miles behind them.

Kent should be back home tonight.
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