Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dave Blumenthal: A Life of Love

When going through my pictures from the 2010 Tour Divide, I found this photo of Dave Blumenthal. This is Dave the morning of the start of the race, with his bike, ready to go. A happy man, well-prepared, with his bike and ready to race down the trail to whatever the future had in store for him.

As I'm sure most everyone reading this knows by now, Dave died on June 24th from injuries sustained in a collision with a vehicle. A tragic end to a wonderful life. My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to all of those who love Dave, who must now carry on with out him.

Dave's lived his life fully and passionately. His thoughts, actions and words reveal a man who knew many things. Most importantly, he knew how to live. He also knew what things are most important. Here are the last words he posted to his blog: "Lexi and Linnaea, I love you both." No man has ever written himself a better epitaph.
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