Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wending His Way Through Wyoming

Kent is now in Wyoming, where his first night in the Tetons was "a little nippy" and he woke up with frost on the bivy. He slept comfortably, though, thanks to the sleeping bag liner and longjohns he bought back in Helena. He passed through the checkpoint at Flagg Ranch shortly before 8:00 this morning, where he stopped to have breakfast. He has a few aches and pains from his "airborne" adventure, but nothing that is keeping him from forging ahead. As he noted on a call in, what is slowing him down the most is a piece of equipment -- the camera. Each new vista, with its mountains and rivers and clouds, is so astoundingly beautiful that it's hard to resist taking pictures.

He left a message later from Moran Junction on the edge of the Grand Tetons. He said it had been raining some but was clearing up. He stopped at Colter Bay Village to send a post card to the folks at the Bicycle Center who are hard at work during this busy month of June while he is out on the trail, and was anticipating more snow ahead going over Union Pass.

The next city he passes through will be Pinedale, still many miles away, and then he'll ride through the Great Basin. Opportunities for communication will probably be few and far between, but the Mountain Turtle is still in good spirits and slowly but surely continues to make his way south.


benshih1 said...

Should've inquired earlier but...does anyone know what gear ratio Kent is running?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great and timely updates. This is a close as some...er, many(!) of us will get to the ride. Much appreciated.

Cheers, Gene in Tacoma

SS:Mtn Biker said...

Keep er going,Kent!!! Yer doin great!


Anonymous said...

I must say Kent's blog has been one of the most inspiring I've read, ever since I found it via another cycling blog... This divide race has taken the blog on another level! Go Kent go!

- Lasse