Friday, June 25, 2010


This is Kent's blog, and so it's not really a forum for my own thoughts and feelings. Still i feel the need to say how much the death of one of the racers, Dave Bluementhal, from Vermont, has effected me.

Many people have expressed their greif and their shock at this terribly tragic turn of events. I didn't know Dave. He was only a dot from a SPOT tracker to me. And you know what? ...these things happen, it's part of life. Dave died doing something he loved. If i'm honest, when i think about it, i think it's sad, but then i move on.

However when i think of his wife Lexi and his 4 year old daughter Linnea, i break down. Probably a dozen times in the last few days i've been brought to tears. Their loss is overwhelming. I didn't know him, my life goes on, but their year is shattered and their lives will never be the same. My heart goes out to both of them, but especially to Linnea who will only know her father through stories and photographs and memories of a young man. I wish i could somehow comfort them, somehow fill the hole in their lives that will never be filled. But i can't.

I'm so proud of Kent. I see his race as, without question, a complete success. I was rooting for him to get to Mexico, but i have to say, right now, for Kent, and for Dave, for Lexi and Linnea, and for Christine, i'm so desperately glad that he's going to be back with his wife in a matter of hours.

Hasten Slowly,

Mark Canizaro


SS:Mtn Biker said...

A good thought,Brother =). I share your greif for his family,and too am proud of the accomplishment by Kent. Prayers and thougts go out from here to there and to dave;s family as well.


ghd3 said...

Thank you Mark.