Monday, June 14, 2010

How To Follow Kent part 2: more ways to track

A few more great ways to track Kent

The Split / Projection Chart at Track Leaders is GREAT. It shows you when every racer passed each time point is and predicts all future time points. It is very long and not sortable though.

The leaderboard chart (scroll down) at Track Leaders is similar but with less clutter. It's just the recent time points.

The forums at Bike Packing .net where anyone can post have some interesting tidbits.

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Steve said...

You can sort the columns by clicking on the split/checkpoint names at the top of the chart. It's not obvious in since the cursor doesn't change from a text insertion bar when you enter the field. But click in the box anyway and the table will sort.

The projected times are kind of strange. Matthew Lee is in front but (at least yesterday) his projected arrival time at the Mexico border had him finishing second or third.