Monday, June 07, 2010

Prologue progress part 1

Day 1 - Thursday -- 102.1 miles to Thorp WA
(including 50.1 escorted to Snoqalmie Pass by Team Turtle)
Day 2 - Friday -- 124.5 miles to Moses Lake WA
Day 3 - Saturday -- 154.8 miles to Coeur d'Alene ID
Day 4 - Sunday -- 147.8 miles to Libby MT
Day 5 - Monday -- ?? miles to Cathiness BC

Total mileage so far (as of Sunday night) 529.2 +

Kent is taking it easy. These are "short" days as he ramps up to Tour Divide pace and he's choosing his overnight spots more by what looks nice than what's a full day. And he did some exploring. He's well on track, and the big concern now is that he might arrive too early!

His original idea was that he would make it to Glacier National Park and then turn left. It's not the shortest route from Seattle, but it would allow him to see the new part of the route, the part in Canada. By riding it reverse he could get to the start line AND do some reconnaissance.

However riding the route in reverse was a bit risky, now is not the time to get lost, with the race starting in 3 days. And after a couple of interesting eastbound roads turned out to NOT take him where he wanted to go. He says "I've kicked back to touring, paved mode up to Banff."

He's on highway 93. Expected arrival sometime tomorrow, plenty of time before the Friday morning starting gun. And he's excited about seeing the showing of RIDE THE DIVIDE, the movie of the race, showing in Banff Thursday evening. Wish i could be there for that!

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