Sunday, April 07, 2013

#30DaysofScooting: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Today is yet another wet April day and I'm beginning to feel about rain the way Samuel L. Jackson feels about snakes on a plane. I have an idea that maybe I can find a covered parking garage and scoot around there. The Man has other ideas.

I soggily scoot over to the parking area over by the library. The Man has posted a big NO SKATEBOARDING ALLOWED sign. Technically, my scooter is not a skateboard but in my years of small rebellions and run-ins with The Man, I've learned that if you find yourself arguing technicalities, you've already lost.

Deep in the mostly dry but slightly seeping garage is yet another reminder from The Man. I can tell when I'm not wanted, so I scoot over to the Salmon Hatchery.

Dammit, The Man has been here as well! And he's got it in for skateboarders, roller bladers and bicycle riders. The Man seems intent on keeping the wheeled brothers and sisters down.

I walk my scooter through the hatchery grounds and check out the optimistic solar panel. I don't think it is cranking out a whole lot of Watts today.

The Man must have gotten a bulk deal on signs, he's sure posted enough of them. Maybe I'll have better luck elsewhere.

On the path along Newport Way, I set a new personal record: Deepest Puddle Scooted Through. I make it through the puddle with one kick, my wheels parting the water like Moses. Since I'm not Moses, the waters closed in instantly and the water is more than scooter deck deep. My kicking foot stayed high and dry, the foot on the deck, not so much.

Not all the signs in Issaquah are prohibitions. There are lots of signs for our excellent multi-use trail network.

Since we get a lot of rain, we have a lot of wetlands and ponds.

Note the wet parking lot.

I check out the parking garage of the Maple Street Building. It looks nice and dry.

Nice bike parking as well.

But The Man doesn't want any of my type around here. I scoot on.

Maybe the Issaquah Transit Center will be more accommodating...

OK, The Man is into small print here but yeah he's still got it in for skateboards and their ilk.

I guess it's OK for me to scoot along the edge of the building under the overhang.

At least they have bike lockers here. I scoot on over to Tibbets Creek Park.

The creek is pretty high today. Christine and I will come back here sometime when it's sunny for a picnic.

I guess we share the road because The Man is clearly not too keen on sharing a lot of other places.

I don't know if you can read these signs, but they basically prohibit everything. As near as I can tell, they only apply to the tiny bit of green where they are posted.

Despite The Man's best efforts, I still got in about three miles of scooting. And my wet foot finally dried out.

Keep 'em rolling,

Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah WA USA


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think it's all Captiva's fault... I wish I could share my generally positive Kickped experiences (so far, in a different climate)I tried earlier today, but it's not working. I guess it proves I'm a robot. Odd...

Kent Peterson said...


Check the previous post, I think your comment is there. Comments don't show up until I approve them (you wouldn't believe how much spam I have to manually kill) and I'm not on the computer 24/7 so sometimes things take a while to get thru. But if you're a real human with something real to add, you'll get thru.

I'm glad your having mostly positive experiences with your scooter.

Ryan's Ride said...

Thanks for the read! I needed the laugh!!

Anonymous said...

@Kent Peterson,

Agree. It seems to be a oh! wow! cool! no fuss, no muss, low cost device for short trips to-from campus, and on the Great Big U itself, according to young neighbors.

I'll get it away from them and wax or somehow seal the sides of the board.

bikewrider said...

Scooting is not a crime!

Doug said...

I sure am enjoying your "30daysofscooting" posts.