Wednesday, April 17, 2013

#30DaysofScootering: Earning the Ice Cream

I live in the historic downtown core of Issaquah, flat land in a valley that sits between Tiger, Squak and Cougar Mountains. To the north of town is Lake Sammamish but in every other direction the mountains rise up. Northeast of downtown are the Issaquah Highlands, an area that has seen a lot of new housing and businesses added in the past couple of decades. One of the businesses in the Highlands is the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Shop. I've done quite a bit of flat land scooting in the past few weeks, so I decide to tackle the climb up to the Highlands. The ice cream will be my reward.

At Sunset Avenue, the bike/ped trail crosses over I-90.

This tunnel goes under Highlands Drive as it begins to climb up the Issaquah Plateau.

The tunnel is a favored spot for graffiti art.

The retaining walls have more "official" art.

I walk up the little shortcut rather than taking the long switchback.

The trail switches back and forth as it climbs up the Plateau. It's the gentlest way up to the Highlands but in places it is steep enough that I'm more efficient walking than kicking my way up.

This is a pedestrian bridge over Highlands Drive.

I make my way through a lot of construction (a bunch of new housing and businesses are going into this part of town) and work my way to my goal.

My reward. Two different people stop to talk to me about my scooter and express amazement that I've come up here from downtown.

As I roll toward home, I stop and check out the zHome, a super energy efficient housing development.

It's much quicker going down than it was coming up. I ride the rear fender brake on the descent and pause now and then to let the brake cool down!

4 miles of scootering today.

Keep 'em rolling,

Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah WA USA

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