Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pictures from Eugene Sunday Streets

On Sunday afternoon the city of Eugene closed off a section of Broadway to car traffic and opened it up to people. Christine and I wandered around and I took a bunch of pictures. It was a lot of fun and people (and a few critters) were getting around in various creative ways.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Eugene's Delta Ponds

On Sunday Christine and I biked to breakfast at the New Day Bakery and then biked across the Willamette River to check out the Delta Ponds.

In Eugene there are actually more bike/pedestrian bridges than automobile bridges crossing the river!

The Delta Ponds are home to lots of waterfowl including ducks, geese, herons and egrets.

There are cool looking bugs as well.

The bees are busy this time of year.

My goal for the trip was to see turtles.

The first two turtles I saw dove into the water before I could get a picture, but this one was further out and must not have seen me as a threat.

We're really enjoying Eugene. It's a beautiful place to explore.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Eugene's Center For Appropriate Transport

On Saturday Christine and I checked out Eugene's Center For Appropriate Transport. Follow the link to check out their website, but here are some pictures I took. Christine kept saying "you don't need another bike" when we were there (and actually next week I'll start learning to braze to build my new bike at Bike Friday) but this place is pretty cool. And if I ever have the need to rent a high wheeler or recumbent trike, I know where to go.