Tuesday, April 30, 2013

#30DaysofScootering: A Morning Ride, the Commute & the Grand Total

Today is the 30th day of my #30Daysof Scootering. While I'll continue to scooter about and probably even blog about it on occasion, I won't be doing the daily posts just about scootering. Those of you who come here for bike information will be happy to know that the blog will return to it's mostly bike-related focus. But I'm not giving up scootering. It's too much fun, it's good exercise and it's a great way to get around in the world.

Today's scooter trips cover 3.2 miles.

I go to my favorite little pond over on Maple Street.

And I fill my hippy bag with a few items from Trader Joe's.

One thing I've noticed in this month of scooter riding is how nice the sidewalk cutouts are. The American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a really terrific thing. And Issaquah has a great network of multi-use paths.

I rode my scooter for a total of 125 miles over the past 30 days. On a few of the wet days, my daily total only added up to half a mile. My single longest day trip was the 18 miles I rode from Seattle to Issaquah. I have some longer trips in the works.

The NYCeWheels KickPed proved itself to be tough, reliable and fun. In the past month the only maintenance I did on the machine was to dribble a bit of TriFlow into the wheel bearings. I love the big, grippy tires on the KickPed and I never fell or slid out on the scooter although the rain-slicked roads and especially the rain-soaked tree blossoms require vigilance.

Keep 'em rolling,

Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah, WA USA

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fatbob29r said...

Kent, as always I've enjoyed following along. Thanks for letting us share this part of your journey. You always remind me to take a step away from the crazy and realize there's a whole world out there to be explored and enjoyed. Stay well.