Monday, April 01, 2013

#30DaysofScooting: Pictures From My Commute

For the past two years I've participated in the #30DaysofBiking, but this year I decided to do something a bit different. I got KickPed scooter from NYCeWheels and I'll be documenting #30DaysofScooting here on my blog. I'm finding that scooting is a real fun way to get around.

I got up early this morning to take pictures of my most common trip, my three-block commute from home to work. Christine & I live on the second floor of a small apartment complex in downtown Issaquah, WA. The eight apartments share a central courtyard. A couple of my bikes live on the deck, while Christine's Allant, my Dahon folding bike and my scooter live inside with us. (Yep, Christine hauls her Allant up and down those stairs every day. She's strong!)

At the bottom of the stairs I take a second, unfold the KickPed and scoot out to the sidewalk along Sunset Way.

I turn west, scoot past the antique shop next door. The police station is the building on the right.

At the statue of the book lady, I turn right and cross Sunset at the crosswalk.

The bus stop is super close to our house. At peak times, buses run to Seattle every half hour. In the evenings, they run every hour.

I scoot past the bus stop and today I pause to take some pictures in Depot Park. This is the old train station. Before the floating bridges, the train looped around the north end of Lake Washington to get to Seattle. The trains haven't run in years and now almost all the old right of way has been converted to a bike, running, walking and scooting trail.

I take a left at the yellow caboose and scoot west to Front Street.

Here's the front of the Bicycle Center, where I work as the lead mechanic. We've got convenient bike parking.

We share the building with Amante Pizza & Pasta (good food, nice people!). I actually park my scooter inside.

Since I'm actually posting this before I go to work, I scoot back home. Spring is in evidence and the trees are extra pretty.

Downtown Issaquah is nestled in a valley with low mountains on three sides and Lake Sammamish to the the north. It's still early this morning and the moon is shining over Squak Mountain.

I'll be scooting every day this month and every day I'll post something I've discovered while scooting about.

Get out there and have fun.

Keep 'em rolling,

Kent "Mountain Turtle" Peterson
Issaquah, WA USA


Anonymous said...

Looks like I can actually do the 30 days this year too :D Last year,my old spinal injury crap flared up in late March,I had to wait until May and do a 30 rides in 31 days thing,LOL! This year? Well,so far so good,went for a short ride around town on the Xtracycle :D

The DC

Paul said...

Hey Kent, this is a pretty funny April Fools' post! Good one - you won't get me next year.

Anonymous said...

Anxiously waiting for the KickPed I ordered last week, the 27th. Want to try it in the hot and dry Arizona climate and the eventually hot and wet Arizona climate as a bridge to the bus, always bright and sunny here!

As an aside, research and contacting officials reveals that actually you may bring a non-motorized scooter on the bus in Arizona. As they phrased it, "We are learning alternate transportation."

Kat said...

Nice post, Kent, and looks like a nice town you live in! Had my first ScootCommute today, and one thing I discovered -- even a small purse can get in your way if it's slung too low. Have adjusted that, but will be trying out various bags and ways to carry small crucial things, like my lunch. ;) Loving the KickPed so far!

Jason Crane | The Jason Crane Show said...

Looking forward to following your adventures! (As always.)