Thursday, July 19, 2007

What's Wrong With This Picture?

So somebody spent a nice chunk of money to put this drinking fountain alongside the Fish Lake Trail south of Spokane. Now wouldn't it have been just a bit nicer if a person could actually fill a water bottle at this fountain? As it is, the water stream is too low and you can't get a bottle anywhere close to vertical under the flowing water.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Thats how it is on the bike trails in pittsburgh. It's so annoying to only be able to fill up the bottle 1/4 way.

Anonymous said...

Could you do the old garden hose trick and stick your thumb over it to increase/redirect the stream?

Anonymous said...

On any decently long ride I always have at least two water bottles, so I do the fill one up a quarter way then pour it into the other. That way at least you end up with a bottle and a quarter when you are done :)

Anyway as a long time reader of your blog and a fellow WA rider I've been enjoying this a bunch. A tour around WA is one I've been planning for ages, so cool to see a take on that.

Anonymous said...

Internally there is a stream adjustment for the bubbler flow for this freezeproof drinking fountain. Please note that this manufacturer also has an option with a hose bibb as many do.

Typically I have found you end up with flow problems with the freezeproof type due to the location of the valve since it is located below the frost line.

Stuart R