Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wander Around Washington - 7-16-07


Bellingham to Winthrop

5:05 am - 8:30 pm
dst 158.59
odo 569.1
mx 35.5
tm 13.51.36
av 11.4

A very good day of riding. Left Dan's place at 5:05 am with a belly
full of potato pancakes. 6:00 am at Van Zandt. At 7:21 I turned onto
the beautiful little Fruitdale Road. Twenty minutes later I turned
onto Hwy 20 right near milepost 67 just east of Seedro Wooley. At 8:15
am I had milk and Brownie Bites at the Cascade Mercantile in Lyman. At
9:35 I called the office from Concrete and set up to chat with Lillian
Tucker of the Methow Valley News in Winthrop tomorrow. Bought Fritos
and an Orange V8 thing. Rolling again by 10:00

10:45 am 5 min stop to put on sunblock in Rockport.

11:35 am Snickers Pie and orangeade in Marblemount.

Long slog up. Took pictures and a ranger took my picture at an overlook.

Saw a guy on an older Dahon rolling down from Rainy Pass. He was using
one of the old bamboo snow depth poles as a drag brake.

5:58 pm at Rainy Pass. WooHoo!

Half a mile or so from Washington pass a nice couple in a van were
stopped looking at the view. The called out "You doing OK?"

I told 'em I was doing fine.

"It's only about half a mile to the top. Do you need any water or anything?"

"Thanks, but I'm OK."

6:38 PM at Washington Pass. Put on wind vest and rolled down sleeves.

Awesome descent. Just perfect.

8:30 PM in downtown Winthrop. Back in cell service. Messages from
Christine and Amy from the Spokesman review. She wants to interview me
when I'm in Spokane.

Ate a double scoop mocha chip icecream cone and wandered around Winthrop.

Had a very nice chat with Peter Moser phmoser@seattleschools.org. His
family has a place near here and we talked about cycling in the area.

camped by the river. settled in by 9:30 pm.
Kent Peterson
Commuting Program Director
Bicycle Alliance of Washington
P.O. Box 2904
Seattle WA 98111


Dr. Logan said...

Boy, it must be rough eating all that health food!

Anonymous said...

Do you use your voice recorder to note the times and places or do you just stop and write things down on a piece of paper?

I admire your trip reports and I'm always curious how you keep track of things.

Kent Peterson said...

I take paper notes and transcribe them to the computer later. I just use the recorder for interviews.

Kent Peterson said...

BTW I'm in the Cinnamon Twisp Bakery right now. If I'm not rolling, the odds are good that I'm in a bakery!

Jim G said...

Yeah, I've also wondered how you always remember the day's activities, keyed to the clock even. Didn't think you'd jot the details down in a logbook, but I guess that makes the most sense...

CoCargoRider said...

By potato pancakes, do you mean pancakes with bits of potato or true German ones? My Wife got me hooked on the German type with applesauce!
Good luck and ride safe!