Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wander Around Washington - Day 2

Just a very quick update right now. I'm at Dan Turner's place outside Bellingham. I had a super good day today on Whidbey Island, Chuckanut Drive and Bellingham. I'll do a more detailed update when when I've got more time to spend on the computer. Right now I'm going to get some rest. Tomorrow I'm going to get an early start and I'm heading up and over the Cascades toward Winthrop. I may be out of communication for a while but I've got more pics and stories coming.


Anonymous said...

Whoo-hoo! Great pix Kent! I look forward to hearing about your ride on Whidbey (as I will be riding there myself in a few weeks). Have a great time -- your guest lodging in PDX awaits. Cheers!

Gordon said...

Kent - ah, the swooshing of the tires, the smooth syncopation of the chain, the song of the birds and soft rustling of the trees.

Sounds like your trip is going really well. I hope the weather stays tolerable for you.

We're all looking forward to your next posting.

Cheers from all in the office.

- Dave, Gordon, Louise