Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wander Around Washington Schedule

OK folks, I know I've been quiet on the blog lately but that is about to change. In two days I take off on my tour of Washington state. This post serves a couple of purposes. First, it's a little test of my blogging via my Nokia N800. Second, it'll give people some idea of where I think I'm going to be over the next few weeks. I'd love to meet up with as many folks as possible. So if the route I've outlined below intersects with where you happen to be in this world, send me an email at and I'll see what we can do to meet up.


Washington Trip Schedule.


Sat 7/14/07

Early Ferry to Winslow.

7:00 AM -- 12:00 Noon -- Ride 48 miles to Port Townsend

12:00 Noon to 8:00 PM -- In Port Townsend. Local resources Jon Muellner, Jane Whicher, Bob Bryant.

Sat Night. Stay at Jon Muellner's place in Port Townsend.


Sun 7/15/07

Early Ferry from Port Townsend to Whidbey Island

7:00 AM -- 1:00 PM -- Ride to 60 miles to Bellingham

1:00 PM - 8:00 PM -- In Bellingham. Local resources: Dan Turner, Ellen Barton.

Sun Night. Stay with Dan Turner in Bellingham.


Mon 7/16/07

6:00 AM -- 10 PM -- One big old ride (155 miles up and over the Cascades) to Winthrop or camp partway there and roll into Winthrop on Tuesday AM.


Tuesday 7/17/07

9:00 AM to 2:00 PM -- Spend time in Winthrop. Local resources: Fred Wert, Scott Waichler, Julie Muyllaert, Tom Sullivan.

2:00 PM to 10 PM -- Ride partway to Spokane (the "short" distance to Spokane is about 177 miles)


Wednesday 7/18/07

6:00 AM to Noon -- Ride to Spokane

Wednesday Afternoon in Spokane. Local resources: John Speare, Spokane Bike Advisory Board, Spokane REI.

Wednesday night stay at John Speare's place.


Thursday 7/19/07

Thursday Morning -- Spokane & Cheney.

Thursday Afternoon & Evening -- Ride partway to Walla Walla. (Spokane to Walla Walla is 148 miles)


Friday 7/20/07

Friday Morning -- Ride to Walla Walla

Friday Afternoon -- Walla Walla

Friday PM -- Stay in Walla Walla


Saturday 7/21/07

Saturday Morning -- Ride from Walla Walla to the Tri Cities (65 miles)

Saturday Afternoon -- Tri Cities

Saturday Night -- Stay in Tri Cities. Local resource: Paul Whitney.


Sunday 7/22/07

Sunday Morning -- Ride from Tri Cities to Yakima (69 miles)

Sunday Afternoon -- Yakima

Sunday Night -- Stay in Yakima


Monday 7/23/07 -- Ride from Yakima to Mt. St. Helens (116 miles)

Monday Night -- Camp near Mount St. Helens


Tuesday 7/24/07

Tuesday Morning -- Ride to Vancouver (65 miles) via Battleground. Stop at bike shop in Battleground.

Tuesday Afternoon -- Vancouver. Local resources: Joe Gruelich, Todd Boulanger

Tuesday Night -- Vancouver or Portland.


Wednesday 7/25/07

Wednesday All Day -- Vancouver/Portland area. Spend night in Portland.
Local resources: Michael Rasmussen, Beth Hamon, Jonathan Maus, Ira Ryan, Joel Metz


Thursday 7/26/07

Thursday Morning and Afternoon -- Ride from Portland to Olympia (124 miles)

Thursday Evening -- Stay in Olympia


Friday 7/27/07

Friday Morning -- Olympia

Friday Afternoon -- Ride from Olympia to Tacoma (32 miles).

Friday Night -- Tacoma.


Saturday 7/28/07

Saturday Morning -- Tacoma

Saturday Afternoon -- Ferry to Vashon. Ride Vashon. Ferry to West Seattle. Ride West Seattle to Issaquah. (48 miles)

Saturday Night -- Sleep at home in my own bed.


Total = 1107 miles

Kent Peterson
Commuting Program Director
Bicycle Alliance of Washington
P.O. Box 2904
Seattle WA 98111


Dr. Logan said...

Have fun and be safe; will be checking in for updates. Are you taking the green bike?

FixieDave said...

What bike are you taking?

Anonymous said...


Great pedaling brother...

have a blast.

I'll give you a shout soon.


Kent Peterson said...

Yep, it's the Green Bike for this mission. Kind of part of my "you don't need anything fancy" message. I'm hoping to post a full packing list before I take off.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kent,

My son lives in Olympia and said you can stay at his house. Let me know if you are interested.


Scout Seventeen said...

Are you going to be doing anything special in Portland-town? I mean publicly, of course, as we love our bike dignitaries here, and meeting with them is pretty special!

Just wondering if the general public will get a chance to hear you talk or ride with you...

Kent Peterson said...

Stay tuned to the blog or shoot me an email at for latest details. This trip is constantly evolving, but I'm trying to stay in email contact as much as I can. I'm in Port Townsend right now, the land of free wifi and lots of tourists!