Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nice Marmot!

Ok, it's not really a marmot but every time I see one of these furry beasties that line from "The Big Lebowski" pops into my head.


JuliaR said...

Actually, it probably IS a marmot. That word just describes an entire group of animals. I had to enlarge the photo and really look for him. Nice camouflage!

JuliaR said...

Having only seen "TBL" once, I didn't remember the marmot line. According to IMDB, the creature referred to as a marmot in the movie was actually a ferret.

I'm probably beating this to death, aren't I.

John Clifford said...

Actually, that is a marmot.

bw said...

Looks like an amphibious rodent, but I'm no park ranger.


I just can't let a TBL reference go by unappreciated. Thanks!