Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another Pencam Action Shot

OK, so one dumb thing I did on this trip was bring two cameras. My "good" camera has spent the entire trip buried somewhere in my pack while I've managed to shoot a bunch of pictures with my pencam. The pencam hangs from a lanyard around my neck and it does a decent job. Today I took this self-portrait by holding the camera at arm's length while I rode down the quiet Cheney-Spangle Road.


Paul said...

I can't believe that I'm about to point this out to you, but given that I was explaining it to my daughter yesterday I feel honor-bound... Isn't your helmet a little far back?

Kent Peterson said...

Yeah, normally it is down a little further in front. For this vanity shot I bumped the cap and helmet back a bit so the hat brim wouldnt cast as much of a shadow. And I know somebody is going to fault me for wearing the helmet with a cap, but I always wear a cap with the helmet and I've sized the straps and pads accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kent,

Say, I like that DIY Take-A-Look helmet conversion!

Can you provide some details? Is the cap a pre-requisite?


Jim G said...

Hooray for pencams! ;)