Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Morning Errands

My friend Tai lives in Seattle but he is purchasing a DoggyRide Trailer from a guy in Redmond and he asked me if I'd pick up the trailer for him this weekend. As it turns out, I'd been meaning to pick up a supply of tubes for the Bikestation from my friends at Sammamish Valley Cycle (also located in Redmond) so this morning I rode up to the trailer guy's place. I think he was expecting that I'd show up in an SUV like what most people around here seem to use for running their errands but once he saw my bike and Tai's cash he quickly unboxed the trailer and we hooked it up to my bike. The trailer uses a clever hitch that occupies the spot on my rear quick-release that's normally filled by my Reelight, so I stowed the light in my front bag. The trailer blocks the light from rear view anyway. On Monday, when I deliver the trailer to Tai and the tubes to the Bikestation, I'll put the light back in its rightful place.

The trailer is designed to carry a dog, so it handled a load of inner tubes with no problem. I put the trailer through it's paces, going up and down some decent-sized hills. I knew I had some extra weight back there, but it didn't really change the handling of the bike. The hitch has a coil spring inside that flexes and pivots but the trailer motion isn't transmitted back to the bike in any kind of a jarring way.

I'm still not really a trailer guy. I like to keep my life simple enough that I don't need one. I gave my BOB trailer to Food Not Bombs years ago and I haven't missed it. When the kids were in their larval, pre-mobile, phase they rode around in a car-seat strapped inside a road-warrior-esqe home-brew trailer with it's own rollcage and custom suspension made from old bike inner-tubes but then they graduated to trail-a-bikes, and finally to bikes of their own. I probably should've taken some pictures of that rig, but that was years ago and we left it behind when we moved out here from New York. Maybe some homeless guy is still making use of it.

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