Monday, August 20, 2007

Bike For Pie Ride -- 8-19-07

Over the years I've been lucky enough to be a part of some great bicycle rides. I've ridden from Paris to Brest and back. I've raced from Canada to Mexico. I've ridden in the Canadian Rockies, the hills of New England and the Scottish Highlands. And I can tell you this, the greatest cycling event I've ever been a part of takes place each August on Bainbridge Island right here in Washington state.

Two words are enough to explain exactly why this is the world's greatest cycling event and those two words are:


So what if it is pouring down rain in Issaquah. I've got fenders, I've got a rain jacket, I've got an appointment with some pie.

The weather is better on Bainbridge. Chuck and the other Squeaky Wheels folks even provide pre-ride pie to make sure people had enough energy to make it to Fort Ward Park where the bulk of the pies are waiting for us.

As is my fashion, I show some restraint and avoid breaking into a showy Mario Cipolini style sprint as I approach the pies. Of course, people worked hard making these pies and it's only polite to at least try a little pie.

I have a piece of Coconut Creme pie. It's quite good. Kinda sweet. Maybe I should have something kind of tart to balance out the sweetness. Perhaps a slice of the Key Lime pie? Oh yes, that's very good. Oh, what's that chocolaty looking pie? Chocolate Creme & Walnut? Well, yes, I guess I will have a slice of that. Oh my gosh that's good. Of course I should balance out my diet. What's that they say about an apple a day? It's hard to choose among the many varieties of apple pie but I settle on a juice-sweetened Apple Pie brightened up with cranberries. And for desert maybe just a bit more of that Chocolate Creme Walnut pie. But not too much, I don't want to appear piggish.

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