Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I wasn't at my sharpest this morning. I'd stayed in bed a little too long so I didn't have time for my usual coffee and granola before dashing out the door. Maybe "dashing" is too active a word but I made it out the door and soon was rolling along Newport Avenue in a bit of a fog.

Even though I wasn't at my sharpest, a nail lurking on the road was. I don't know exactly where I picked it up but I didn't notice it until I tapped my rear brake as I rolled up the the intersection at 150th.

"Thkk, Thkk, Thkk" with each revolution. At first I thought I'd busted a spoke or cracked a rim but a quick inspection revealed the truth.

Now some people say Schwalbe Marathon XRs are too heavy and their sidewalls are way too over-built. Other people say I carry too many tools in my pockets. And even I admit that sometimes it pays to be both cautious and lucky. The nail completely missed the inner tube. I yanked it out and continued on my way. The most time consuming part of the entire incident was pulling my camera out to snap these pictures.

Keep 'em rolling,

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