Monday, July 31, 2006

Nice Ride - Pictures and a very brief report

On Sunday we had mixed weather for the "Nice Ride for Dave Nice." You can read a bit about the ride and see pictures here:

Keep 'em rolling,



Cellarrat said...


I am humbled by you doing this for me thank you so much! Thanks to all of you who showed up and pitched in.

May you all have some wonderful miles the rest of the year!

Jim G said...

Kent, one of the Kogswell P/R's is Alex Wetmore's, right -- but who's is the other one? Also, I'm curious -- did you ride your Monocog or Kogswell on this ride? ;)

Kent Peterson said...

Both Alex Wetmore and Mark Vande Kamp were on Kogswell P/R prototypes. Mark, Alex and Jan all ride the same size bikes and were part of the Seattle Kogswell test team. I rode my Kogswell Model G on this ride and it did fine, except for the drumming sound of Slim Jims and granola bars bouncing around inside the duct tape panniers.