Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bikely: A Bike Route Mapping Tool and Library

Thanks to Todd over at Cleverchimp for the heads up on Bikely. Bikely is a route mapping utility geared towards bicyclists. Anyone can map out a route but the great thing is the routes are stored, shared and searchable. So it's not only a handy tool for mapping your own routes, but as more people use it, the library will become more and more useful. So head on over to Bikely at:

Also, if you are at all interested in cargo bikes and or electric-assist motors for bikes or just plain general bikey stuff, check out Todd's Cleverchimp blog at:

Keep 'em rolling,



Anonymous said...

I think this will be very useful for making up commuter routes.
With the ability to use map point comments at intersections, you can really give a lot of good advice as well as plot the route.

Thanks, Todd and Kent (good use of your celebrity)!


todd said...

the "show nearby routes" feature is particularly interesting; allows you to splice several routes or route subsections together to roll your own.

thanks for the shout out, kent!