Saturday, April 29, 2006

What Eric Said

If Eric S. Sande ever gets out to the Seattle area or I ever get to the Washington DC area, I'd like to buy him a cup of coffee. Yesterday he posted this lovely and practical bit of advice over on the Bike Touring List:

Keep 'em rolling and keep perspective. Eric's wise words are good guidance for the journey.



Keasty said...

Yes, I do like it. Thanks. I'll print a copy for my wife.
Hey, what sorta cream do you use on your undercarriage on long trips to avoid chafing?

John Calnan said...

Thank you for sharing this, Kent. It is a concept that rattles around in my head, but that I have never been able to explain as well as this.

Kent Peterson said...

Hey keasty,

Mostly I use Bag Balm. On the GDR I used plain old Vasaline and it worked fine.