Monday, April 24, 2006

Bicycle Commuter Act

There are versions of bike commuter incentive legislation proposed in both the house and the senate now. Maybe something will actually get passed someday. Read more about it here:


Todd Plesko said...

I ride my bike to the bus every day. The bus takes me the bulk of the miles but the highlight of the commute is the bike portion at the start and end of each bus trip.

However,what are the expenses that my company would possibly provide to support my bike commuting? I am already saving a ton in gasoline and most importantly the wear and tear on my car? Would they provide a clothing allowance? Shoe allowance or a bike replacement fund? (I like that idea.) Somehow I don't think we need a tax bill that allows businesses to provide an incentive for bike commuting like automobiles or transit. I know it sounds fair to do so. I would rather pay my taxes and have the federal, state and local governments be forced to build bike and pedestrian safe features into all new and and constructed roads. We don't necessarily need all these recreation trails that area springing up, but we do need local roads that provide striping and intersections designed to make cycling safer.

You know that when I ride my bike, I am saving so much money and supporting my health to such a degree, it almost feels like I am stealing. If somebody actually subsidized this "stealing" further, it just wouldn't be right.

Galvin Chow said...

If there are government funded incentives for businesses to do something for cyclists, I would like to see something that would encourage businesses to put in showers so we can clean up when we get to work after cycling in.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting to see how the legislation has changed so much, i have read numerous magazines of bicycle riding back near the turn of the century, especially in the boston area and not too much have changed. There are a couple of very good articles in the american cycling magazine that Bicycle Bike Catalogs has for sale. Very interesting to see the time period where bicycles and horses where making a run against each other nearly in the same manner that hybrids do regular gas guzzlers of today.

John Lynker said...

Bicycling Magazine just gave a good write up on this law - to be introduced by July 4th this year.

Please call congress and support it: 202-225-2131. Call, don't write or email... calling is best.

Here's a congressional link: