Friday, April 14, 2006

Flèche NW

Last weekend I rode the Flèche NW with a few of my shiftless friends. You can read all about it and see pictures at:

Keep 'em rolling,



Chris said...

I'm hoping to do my first Fleche this spring. I'm looking forward to just as fun and stupid a ride as you had :D

The Boy said...

Time still slips into the past, but i found where pompatus came from.

By the way, Alzheimers chicken, the Alzheimers Fleche, whats next, should I be worried?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kent,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy the stories about your rides. Always inspirational and entertaining.

A number of years ago I listened to a radio interview with Jon Cryer (the actor) who had a movie coming out called "The Pompatus of love". In which they discuss the origins of that lyric in the Steve Miller song. From what he was saying is that it's actually a miss pronunciation of a word in a well known poem from a beat poet. I couldn't tell you what poet or poem (I'm fuzzy on that part. But the peot was actually the one who made up the word. Miller just miss pronounced it. Thanks for everything.


Keasty said...

I thought I was a nutter until I had a read of the fleche stuff! Glad there are some crazies around.

luis said...

hi kent,

what are those wonderful reflective things all of you have around your ankles? the one across your chest is also great.