Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bicycle Commute Workshops

Starting this Thursday I'll be giving a series of talks about bicycle commuting. The talks are free but space is limited so we're asking that folks RSPV to info@bicyclealliance.org. I'd like to stack the audience with at least a few of my pals, so if you're in the Seattle area and are free from noon to one on a Thursday, come on by. Here's the schedule:

April 6 - Bike Commuter Resources: Maps, Mass Transit, Lockers and Bike Buddies

April 20 - Commuter Bike Considerations: Riding to Work is Not the Tour de France

May 4 - Safety First: Tips and Techniques for Riding in Traffic

May 18 - Clothes for Commuting: Can You be Functional and Fashionable?

June 1 - Night Riding: Safe Riding After Sundown

June 15 - Not Your Ordinary Bicycle: Recumbents, Fixed Gears and Other Interesting Bicycles
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