Sunday, April 03, 2011

#30DaysofBiking: Back and Forth to the Bookshop

The gap in the clouds is fortunate, welcome and not to be wasted. I roll out early, fueled by coffee. A deer is having breakfast at the old farm site, pausing to watch as I pass. There are ducks in the damp ditches and quail on the trail. I'm on the trail of a new old book and the used bookstore in Redmond opens at 9:00 AM. I pace myself so I don't arrive too early, a skill made simpler by watching the pace of deer, duck and quail.

The bookshop has the right kind of old book and near it, by the coincidence of the alphabet, is a writer new to me, who wrote a novel I find novel and so I leave with two books instead of one. Life insists on being more interesting than my plans. But the plans do get me rolling.

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