Saturday, April 28, 2007

Summer 2007 Bike Tour

This summer, in either July or August, I will be going on a two week bike tour of Washington state. As you know, I work for the Bicycle Alliance of Washington, a statewide group devoted to cycling advocacy and education. Our offices are in Seattle, so we naturally do a lot of work in the Puget Sound area but we were brainstorming ways to better connect with the various communities across the state. Plus, I wanted to do a bike tour. Barb green-lighted the idea and I'll be going around listening and learning about cycling resources, concerns and conditions in various communities around the state. And I'll probably give some talks as well, but it's more going to be look & learn trip for me. I'll be connecting up with Bicycle Alliance members in various locations, so I may have some civilized places to stay, but I'm also planning on camping some.

I'm telling you all this not so you'll say "gee that Kent has the greatest job in the world" (I do BTW) but to get some ideas and advice. My initial thought for a loop is something like this:

  • Seattle - Tacoma -- Spend a day or so in Tacoma
  • Tacoma - Olympia -- Spend a day or so in Olympia
  • Olympia - Vancouver WA & -- Spend a day in Vancouver. Possible 2nd Day in Portland OR
  • Vancouver WA to Yakima -- Spend a day in Yakima
  • Yakima to Tri-Cities -- Spend a day in the Tri-Cities
  • Tri-Cities to Spokane -- Spend a day in Spokane
  • Spokane to Bellingham via Hwy 20 -- Multi-day touring/camping. This will be more touristy, focusing on the bike tourist amenities in the small towns en route. Spend a day in Bellingham
  • Bellingham to Port Townsend via Whidbey Island and ferry -- Spend a day in Port Townsend/Port Angeles
  • Port Townsend - Seattle -- Done

I'll be blogging from the road and compiling lists of cycling related contacts, shops, resources, etc.

What I'm looking for now is other places I should be going, alternate route ideas, general suggestions, anything you think might be useful. This is still in the early planning stages so almost everything is subject to change.

Maybe my loop idea should be run in the other direction? Maybe instead of a loop the trip should be done as shorter spokes radiating from Seattle? Are there places I really should add to the list. Places I should skip? Please let me know your thoughts.


Coach Tammy said...

You have the best job EVER! (Oh wait, I think you already said that). So I want to ride down and have coffee w/you next week, but you have to tell me how to get there on my bike, cuz I'm new at this "commuting" thing. While you're at it, tell me how to get from Sunset Hill to Magnuson Park... 65th the whole way? hmm.

beth h said...

If you're stopping in Vancouver I assume you'll be paying a call to Todd "bike planning superhero" Boulanger. And do stop down in PDX for dinner and a beer with yours truly. (Except if you're coming the first weekend in August. I'll be at GYGIG then.)

Knox Gardner said...


I'd love a bit more of info on community trails and where possible road free options for families who want to do a bit of touring. I know there's the Centennial in Spokane and have heard of a small trail down in Pullman area, but maybe it something you could mention. We saw one that was being built in Moses Lake (maybe?) I forget.

Maybe when you run across them, you could mention them.

David Blaine said...

Let me know when you will be passing through Spokane, I would love to buy you lunch and talk about the GDR.

Mark said...

Ellensburg and Central Washington University...not too far out of the way from Yakima. Very nice area, but it's been a while since I've been there. (I used to live in the Olympia area and work for the state. Man I miss Washington.)

Repoman said...

Moses Lake in July, softball under the lights in the evening, it's a slice of apple pie not to be missed.

Larry said...

Don't forget yer pals down in Oly, either, Kent. If you come through on a Sunday, you can play Bike Polo with us! Drop by OlyBikes on any other day and we'll grab a bite. Also, BTW, You can crash at my house if you need!